:: [mind the] G.A.P.-Gathering Around Performance ::


The intention of [mind the] G.A.P. – Gathering Around Performance, is to catalyze performative cultural activity, build bridges and facilitate connections, invite national and international artists, and to organize performance workshops, events and lectures in the field of Performance Art.

Πρόθεσή του [mind the] G.A.P. – Gathering Around Performance, είναι να λειτουργήσει ως καταλύτης επιτελεστικής πολιτισμικής δραστηριότητας, να δημιουργήσει γέφυρες και να διευκολύνει διασυνδέσεις, να προσκαλέσει εθνικούς και διεθνείς καλλιτέχνες, και να οργανώσει εργαστήρια, εκδηλώσεις και διαλέξεις στον τομέα της Performance Art.


Octane's molecule. At room temperature it looks as a colorless liquid.

Octane’s molecule. At room temperature it looks as a colorless liquid.


THE “Π”-PROJECT [FROM “PROGETTO PETROLIO”, TITLE OF THE LAST NOVEL WRITTEN BY P.P. PASOLINI] is a nomadic project of interdisciplinary cultural exchange. Started from Francesco Kiais in 1997, led to several collaborations between people from different professional backgrounds.

For example: “Nomadenheft“, a literature project by Mark Giannori. “Ormik”, an e-review conceived, projected and directed by Costantino Ciervo, about art, politics and philosophy. “The sleep of Dionysus in the House of the world“ (sound design by Zohar Schlesinger, and technical advice [biology] by Dr. Birgit Kummer). „Nabokov’s dream“, (biology, Dr. Birgit Kummer). “Ipnos, Thanatos and the smile of the Kouros” (physical and conceptual collaboration [writing] with VestAndPage for their performance „Thou, twin of slumber-Cocoon III”, CIPAF 2013). „ΕΛΠΙΔΑ/ΛΕΠΙΔΑ. 1” (namely „Elpida/Lepida“, “Hope/Blade“- on Pavlos Fyssas dead. poetic verses of the poem “Monogram” by O. Elytis). „ΕΛΠΙΔΑ/ΛΕΠΙΔΑ.2” (namely „Elpida/Lepida“, “Hope/Blade“- on death of three young athenians. Melody from the “Bloods of love/ΤΗΣ ΑΓΑΠΗΣ ΑΙΜΑΤΑ” by M. Theodorakis and poetic verses of the homonymous poem by O. Elytis. A collaboration with Epitelesis-Performance Art Foundation).


“THE SLEEP OF DIONYSUS in the house of the world”

In the Klosterruine (ruins of the Monastery). Berlin, Alexanderplatz, 1999-2000.

 For a video on this project (Greek subtitles, no audio), please click here.

On this project I am preparing an electronic catalog, of which I will announce the publication as soon as it will be ready.