CREAKING WOODEN FISH. PAS #39 | Performance Art Studies. Part of the educational program of the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK. Facilitator together with BBB Johannes Deimling. Guest Teachers: Aldo Aliprandi and Marianna Andrigo. Hosted by C32 performingartworkspace, Venice.

PLACES OF DURATION. PAS #38 | Performance Art Studies. Invited as Guest Teacher. In collaboration with Epitelesis-Performance Art Foundation. Hosted by CHEAPART Exarchias, Athens.


VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK. “Ritual Body-Political Body”. Co-curatorial contribution. Curators: VestAndPage (Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke). Other Curatorial Ccontributions 2014 Fondazione Bonotto, Jessica Berlanga Taylor | Fundacion Alumnos47Live Art Development Agency (LADA), Leisa Shelton | Fragment31, Prem Sarjo | Ejercicios Mosqueto, Daniel S. DeLuca | Mobius Inc., Martin Renteria | TRANSMUTED Network, Doug Jarvis | Open Space Arts Society, Silvio de Gracia | VIdeoplay.

CRITICAL REFLECTIONS. PAS #37 | Performance Art Studies. Part of the educational program of the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK. Invited as Guest Teacher.


“ΕΛΠΙΔΑ/ΛΕΠΙΔΑ” 2 (HOPE/BLADE 2) – In death of three young Athenians. Concertaction of body (F.Kiais), poetic verse (O. Elitis: “BLOODS OF LOVE, “AXION ESTI”) and melody (M. Theodorakis: “BLOODS OF LOVE“). Collaboration to the Dis-Play Project organized by A.Pashias (Epitelesis-Performance Art Foundation). Athens. Documented by the Public Television (4Greece, Dimosia Tileorasi). http://vimeo.com/84206978 (from min. 6,37).

“ΕΛΠΙΔΑ/ΛΕΠΙΔΑ” (HOPE/BLADE) – In death of Pavlos Fyssas. Concertaction of body (F.Kiais) and poetic verse (O. Elitis: “ΤHE MONOGRAM”, fragments from the IV paragraph).


“IN-BETWEEN”. 1. Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF), Nicosia. Curator: Christina Georgiou. http://www.cipafestival.com

Artisttalk for the 1.CIPAF: “BODY AND CITIZENSHIP”. At the European University of Nicosia, Cyprus. Interwiewhttp://cipafestival.tumblr.com/interviews

“THOW TWIN OF SLUMBER: COCOON” – Third part. Collaboration with VestAndPage (Verena Stenke, Andrea Pagnes) for the 1. Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF), Nicosia. Curator: Christina Georgiou.

Text: ‘Notes on Hypnos and Thanatos’ [available on this website], on the collaboration with VestAndPage for “THOW TWIN OF SLUMBER: COCOON” – Third part.


VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK. “Hybrid Body-Poetic Body”. Curator: Andrea Pagnes (VestAndPage). Assistant Curator: Verena Stenke (VestAndPage). Co-Curators: Gabriela Alonso, Blair Todd.

Video-performance: “[Noli] me tangere”-“[Μη] μου άπτου”-“[Do not] cling to me”, and Installation: “The sleep of Dionysus”. http://www.veniceperformanceart.org/

Essay on “Hybrid Body-Poetic Body”: “Unstable harmonies or Οn the hybridization of the god”.

Seminar at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with the title “Unstable harmonies or Οn the hybridization of the god”. Curator: Prof. Gaetano Mainenti.


“I STAND EXPOSED”. Participation in the exhibition of Gaetano Mainenti. Studio Tommaseo, Triest. Curator: Gaetano Mainenti. Critical text: Ermanna Panizon.

Text for the exhibition: “The one who bites the apple goes to Paradise (..or simply on the clouds?)”.


“ΚΟΝΤΑ ΣΟΥ” (‘Near you’). Video and performance for the camcorder. With poetic verses (fragments) from Maria Polydouri and Kostas Kariotakis (‘Preveza’). Video projection for “The Garden of the senses”, Gallery in Gazi, Αθήνα.


“GAMES IN THE WATER”. Video for “The Garden of the senses”, Gallery in Gazi, Αθήνα.


“ONE FOR BABEL”. Performance for camcorder (Berlin 2003/Αθήνα 2006).


“A portrait of the artist as a young man”. Installation for the Berliner Kunstprojekt, Berlin.


0365, Saints for a day – Old masters and contemporary artists. Studio Tommaseo, Triest. Curators: Franco Jesurum and Paola Bonora. Assistant Curator: Sarah Cosulich Canarutto.


“THE SLEEP OF DIONYSUS in the HOUSE OF THE WORLD”. Multimedia installation. Franziskaner Klosterruine, Alexanderplatz, Berlin. Curator: Francesco Kiais. Co-curator: Sarah Cosulich Canarutto. Auditive atmospheres, recording and sound design: Zohar Schlesinger.

Cultural Partners: Kulturzentrum Podewil, Kulturamt Berlin Mitte, empty rooms e.V., Förderverein Klosterruine. Sponsoring: Kulturamt Berlin Mitte, R.I.M.C.

Text for the exhibition: “From the womb of the city, to the womb of Dionysus – Notes for an ephemeral architecture”.


“EUROPEAN MULTIPLE”. Organic perishable object, replicated for the Markus Richter Gallery, Potsdam.


“THE SLEEP OF DIONYSUS”. Installationfor the exhibition space ’empty rooms’, Berlin. Hosted by Thrafia Danilopoulos. Curators: Matthias Harder, Sotirios Bahtsetzis.

“LE MUSEE IMAGINAIRE”. An Organic perishable object and an installation realized for the Museum of Installation (M.O.I.), London.

Starts the ‘Π-project’ (from the title of the last novel of P.P.Pasolini, “Petrolio”), a nomadic and collaborative cultural project.

“And the poet took off his shoes”. Organic perishable object and a visual-literary performance for “The nomad’s notebook” (Nomadenheft, a literary project by Mark Giannori), Berlin.


“THE ROOMS OF CHANT”. Installations and drawings. Galerie Fluxus, Stuttgart.


“TRIPTYCH”. Drawings. Galerie Fluxus, Stuttgart.


“ENTRAXIS”. Chiostro di San Nicoleto, Venezia. Curator: Andrea Pagnes.


“CORALE“. Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia. Curator Andrea Pagnes.

“The thought of the image”. Fossato di Vico, Perugia. Curator: M.APA. Text in catalog by: L.M.Barbero, U.Daniele, A. Pagnes.


“Is there Culture because there is Nature. Is there Nature because there is Culture“. Castello di Rivara, Torino. Curator: Marlis Grüterich.

Festival of Edimburgh. Richard Demarco Gallery. Curator: Richard De Marco. Assistant Curators: Nina Mehta, Francesco Kiais.


“AURA”. Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia. Curator and text in catalog: U. Daniele.